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Purolator International reports record-high customer satisfaction

Purolator International is pleased to announce the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey, revealing that 96 percent of survey respondents would recommend Purolator International to other organizations for shipping and logistics services to Canada.  Purolator International customers also gave an all-time high overall satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5, its highest rating since the annual survey was initially conducted ten years ago.

In evaluating the results according to Bain & Company’s Net Promoter SystemSM (NPS), Purolator International achieved a NPS score of 51 percent.  NPS determines a company’s ability to grow by determining how many of its customers are ‘promoters’ who would recommend the service to others. According to Bain analysis, companies that achieve long-term profitable growth have a NPS two times higher than the average company, which ranges from five to 10 percent.  Purolator’s NPS score  of 51 percent puts them in close proximity to companies ranked as the most efficient growth engines, including Amazon, TD Bank, Costco, Zappos, Harley-Davidson, Vanguard and Dell, who operate at rates above 50 percent.

Purolator International President John Costanzo instituted a customer satisfaction survey in 2004 as part of the company’s commitment to providing superior service.  The survey gauges customers experience with their individual client relationship representative, as well as service performance for on-time, damage-free delivery, tracking and traceability, value, and effective and reliable technology and support.  The results help Purolator International regularly improve the customer experience with new and/or enhanced service offerings.

Key Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
(All measured on a scale of one to five, with five being “very satisfied”)
•       Individual client relationship representative – 4.7
•       On time delivery of shipments – 4.3
•       Complete delivery of shipments – 4.7
•       Damage-free delivery of shipments – 4.4
•       Value for transportation rates – 4.1

“I am so proud of the results of our customer satisfaction survey, and I’d like to personally congratulate and thank each one of our people across the U.S. and Canada for their commitment to providing an exceptional level of service to our clients,” said Costanzo.  “It is Purolator International’s superior Canadian network combined with a staff dedicated to providing an integrated cross-border logistics service that truly sets us apart from our competition. The survey results validate our efforts to redefine cross border logistics by partnering with our customers to develop solutions that exceed their expectations.”

Trends on Purolator International Customers Shipping Needs to Canada

In terms of transportation spend to Canada; the number of Purolator International customers who spend more than 20 percent of their total transportation spend on shipments to Canada continues to increase.   This year, it is 25 percent – up approximately 12 percent from only two years ago.  The number of customers who spend 15-20 percent on their total transportation spend to Canada also increased slightly this year to 29 percent.

Costanzo states, “Canada is a market U.S. manufacturers and retailers shouldn’t ignore.  Canada has a healthy economy and a more favorable U.S. Dollar exchange rate in recent years, creating significant demand for U.S. products.  E-commerce is another driving force in the increase of shipments to Canada making the traditional brick and mortar walls of retailers disappear.”

Purolator International conducted this web-based survey in Q4 2013.  The survey was distributed via email invitation to nearly 700 customers, with 384 respondents in total with titles ranging from CEO, VP, Transportation Managers, and Customer Service.