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Hirschmann MCS partners with Penn State Engineering Department
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Over the past year, Hirschmann MCS collaborated with the engineering department at Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg (PSU) to design an interactive crane model equipped with the new PAT-B5 line of wireless sensors and vSCALE D2 console from Hirschmann MCS. 

The students designed and built a crane model according to a specific list of requirements provided by Hirschmann MCS.  The PAT-B5 sensors were mounted on the boom to replicate industrial use, while the PAT-B5 wireless receiver and vSCALE D2 console were mounted on a stand-alone podium to display actual sensor values.  The project also featured an electronically controlled winch that can be used to pick up various loads. 

Hirschmann MCS plans to continue their partnership with PSU in working with future engineering students to modify the crane to the next level.  Hirschmann MCS intends to use the crane model in future exhibitions and it will continue to serve as an educational opportunity for students to learn the functionality of Hirschmann MCS’s products while designing and simulating actual crane function.