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August 2017
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Quantum Storage announces new West Coast distribution

Quantum Storage Systems is pleased to announce the opening of its new west coast distribution center located in Fresno, California.  “We are really excited about this facility,” commented Quantum’s Director of Sales, Ed Granger.  Quantum is now able to get its product to its west coast customers faster and with far less cost of transportation.  “In our industry and with our type of product, customer expectation is to receive the product quickly and at a competitive price.  In some cases, we are able to reduce transit time by as much as a full week by shipping from Fresno as opposed to Miami or Chicago,” explained Granger.  Quantum is stocking its best-selling items and the most popular sizes in the new Fresno warehouse.  “When we start to see the demand for other items, we will happily add these to our Fresno inventory,” said Granger.