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UTi named “National Carrier Partner” by Niagara Bottling

UTi Worldwide Inc. recently announced that its Transport Solutions group was named Niagara Bottling company’s “National Carrier Partner of the Year” in its first nationwide awards program. UTi was also recognized as the “Favorite Carrier” as voted on by Niagara’s customer service and transportation personnel. UTi’s Transport Solutions team manages the transportation of bottled water to many of the “big box” retailers and direct to grocery stores across the USA from California to Pennsylvania. Niagara’s selection for their National Carrier Partner was based on several criteria according to Brian Reed, Niagara’s Director of Transportation. “First, the carrier had to manage a decent amount of freight for Niagara; then, on-time performance had to meet or exceed 97%. We also measured ‘first carrier acceptance of loads’, meaning do they accept the shipment when asked or do they turn it down because it might be difficult. And lastly, does the carrier act as a true partner with competitive pricing, flexible capacity and bring new ideas to the table,” said Reed.

According to Reed “partnership is an abused term. UTi demonstrates that it operates as a partner by meeting every challenge we throw their way,” he said. “We have high expectations that our carriers will ‘do the right thing’ but that’s not always the norm. With UTi, we can count on them to do the unexpected,” Reed added.

“Niagara has the highest on-time performance standards in their industry and we consistently meet or exceed their requirements,” said Mike McClelland, UTi, senior vice president, Distribution, Americas. “Our relationship with Niagara began more than 10 years ago and we are pleased that UTi has been recognized for our team’s efforts with these awards” McClelland noted. “The excellent support UTi Transport Solutions provides Niagara is a result of the professional customer service team led by Michele Schick-Schatzle and Ken Schatzle as well as the entire support team at UTi Transport Solutions, under the leadership of Don Farthing, president, UTi Transport Solutions, over these 10 years demonstrates we truly are a partnership” he added.