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December 2017
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Bremen Castings adds firearm manufacturing

Bremen Castings has been a family-run foundry for over 74 years and now, the business is debuting as a new entity, BCI Defense.  With a former focus in manufacturing machined complete gray and ductile iron components as well as producing products for OEM’s, President JB Brown notes it is time to manufacture something that is new and their own product and is delving into the firearms field. “Our new project, the mil-spec SQS515, will reflect the same quality and workmanship our products have always boasted,” says Brown.  “Our goal is to evolve our business so that we may always be a leader in whatever industry we play in.  Our forward thinking team members, team of engineers and CNC machinist will allow us to continue a sustainable business model.”  Brown adds that while the products that are manufactured may have changed, the values and culture the company was built upon will remain the same.  “Safety has always been at the forefront of our plant operations and we will ensure our processes are continuously held to the highest standard,” says Brown.  “Our management style reflects an ethos of pushing each individual in the company to challenge themselves and make tomorrow better than yesterday.”