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AAR president comments on NITL’s proposal for mandatory switching

The Association of American Railroads releases the following statement by AAR President and CEO Edward R. Hamberger today in response to National Industrial Transportation League’s proposal on mandatory switching, which would harm all rail network users. Hamberger said: “America’s freight railroads have invested more than $525 billion dollars over the past 30 years making this country’s rail network the safest, most reliable and efficient system in the world. As a result, the services provided to large and small customers are second to none. “The National Industrial Transportation League’s (NITL) proposal will trigger serious service failures on today’s nationwide rail system and wipe out the efficiencies U.S. businesses have come to expect and rely on if they are to survive in today’s competitive global marketplace. Those failures will be caused by a substantial and unnecessary increase in the handling of loaded and empty freight rail cars, if the NITL proposal were to be enacted. “At a time when American businesses are just beginning to turn the corner, NITL is ignoring the needs of the vast majority of U.S. shippers.”