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Forklift Pro, Inc. announces change of ownership
Buck Caldwell, founder of Forklift Pro, Inc., a global distributor of wholesale forklifts and equipment, announces his retirement as he hands over the torch this month to new owner Bill Zemak.
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Buck Caldwell
Buck Caldwell

After thirty years in the industry, Buck Caldwell, founder and president of Forklift Pro, Inc. announces his retirement and the sale of his company to new owner Bill Zemak.

“It was my passion for the lift truck industry that led me to start Forklift Pro back in 2007,” said Mr. Caldwell. “After surveying the wholesale forklift market, I realized that dealer and customer needs were just not being met. I knew what had to be done. We now have what we believe to be the best team of sales professionals, technicians, and customer service representatives in the wholesale forklift distribution industry. Our success is based on the fact that we are able to deliver a reliable, quality product, and experienced sales help, including Spanish-speaking representatives and expertise in overseas exports. But even more importantly, we show consideration for the heart of the customer. And that makes all the difference in the world.  I am happy to be passing the torch to Bill Zemak as I move into retirement and my next phase of life. Bill is committed to continuing with the level of quality product and customer care for which Forklift Pro is known domestically and internationally. I will stay on board for a while to assist Bill and ensure a smooth transition period for everyone.”

Bill Zemak was introduced as the new owner of Forklift Pro on February 20th.  A successful entrepreneur and business owner for more than 20 years, Mr. Zemak brings with him expert business development and management strategies that promise to keep the company moving forward. In 2012, Mr. Zemak sold his previous construction company – a company he started with an initial investment of $1600 and grew to be one of Charlotte’s premier outdoor living construction companies, employing over 40 people and generating generous profits. Once the transition at Forklift Pro is complete, Mr. Zemak’s plans include expansion of the company’s current product line as well as reaching out to additional markets.

“I am impressed with the company as a whole,” said Mr. Zemak, “in particular, with how happy the employees are. In addition to an outstanding team of talented, committed people, Forklift Pro has also invested in a number of important efficiencies that have had a significant impact on the company’s continued growth potential. Chief among them are the newly designed website and web-based inventory management system. The website is working really well to reach and convert new customers while the web-based inventory management system allows our sales team to fulfill customer requests quickly and efficiently. To ensure that all lift trucks and equipment are shipped to customer specifications - that is, cleaned, inspected, and refurbished, if needed - our number of skilled technicians has been increased recently to enhance our repair and maintenance capabilities. Customers will also continue to have access to our complimentary ‘Call the Pros’ service which connects them with a live person able to provide information and answers important to their business. We’re all looking forward to the exciting times ahead and continuing Buck’s legacy of quality and concern for the customer which has made Forklift Pro a trusted and respected company throughout the industry.”

The Caldwell's before starting Forklift Pro, Inc. were prior owners of Wholesale Fork Lifts, Inc. in Rock Hill, SC which they sold on June 3, 2004.