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Indiana manufacture takes action to create a safer work environment

Foundries and machine shops can be dangerous places. You’re dealing with hot molten metal and large machines and that can sometimes lead to an accident, but one Indiana foundry has changed the focus of their business to a model of shared responsibility. President JB Brown notes, “Instead of seeing a potential accident and ignoring it or stepping over an obstruction, we wanted our employees to take responsibility for everyone, including themselves.” As a result, Bremen Castings, Inc. implemented the near-miss accident reports. This report is filed every time there is a near-miss or potential accident. This could qualify as anything ranging from a puddle of water to stepping over a wire or cable which could cause tripping. The report is filed by any employee who encounters an obstacle or potential accident. The report is then emailed to entire management and safety committee then reviewed by the safety team and discussed issues like that could be avoided in the future. Brown notes, “I think the near miss reports have had a big impact on the shift from individual responsibility to shared responsibility of the foundry and machine shop. We have had over 561 days and over 850,000 hours of zero lost time filings and the near-miss reports attribute to that milestone.”