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Wastequip awarded national cooperative purchasing contract

Wastequip was recently awarded the National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) contract for the procurement of “Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Equipment with Related Equipment, Accessories and Supplies.”  The contract designates Wastequip as NJPA’s single-source vendor for waste handling equipment.  NJPA is a national municipal contracting agency serving over 46,000 member agencies including government, public and private education and non-profit agencies.  NJPA provides member agencies the ability to legally enter into cooperative purchasing agreements, streamlining the contracting process and saving time by eliminating the need to bid the contract.  This allows member agencies to procure products in a more efficient and timely manner while leveraging national volume pricing. “Wastequip is excited to be named as NJPA’s vendor of choice for solid waste and recycling equipment,” said Martin Bryant, CEO for Wastequip.  “We offer customers the flexibility to purchase a single brand or product line while still serving as a one-stop solution for our entire Wastequip family of brands.  This flexibility, along with our North American manufacturing footprint, allows us to be more responsive to customers, which makes us uniquely suited to serve NJPA members’ waste and recycling needs,” added Bryant.