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Genkinger-HUBTEX celebrates 90 years
A success story full of milestones and innovations
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When founding the firm in 1922, could Hermann Genkinger have anticipated that his company would achieve such impressive growth over the course of the next 90 years? The trade services and the manufacture of pumps and jacks offered by him are respectable but could hardly be called exceptional. On the other hand, the development of Genkinger-Hubtex certainly is. In 2012, Genkinger-Hubtex has long established itself on the world market as a successful medium-sized company. The highest turnover in the company's entire history is expected in its anniversary year. Essential factors in the company's success include decades of experience, strict focus on quality and the ability to adjust precisely to customer requirements time and time again, as well as the courage to innovate. In 2011, Hubtex of North America started as the distributor of the brand Genkinger-Hubtex.

Hermann Genkinger was succeeded by his son Lothar, who initially created great opportunities to extend the product range after the Second World War with the development of motorcycle lifting platforms. Shortly after this, Lothar Genkinger developed the first warp beam lift truck; a special device for the transport of raw materials in the textile industry. This represented the company’s first steps into handling and hoisting technology for the textile industry. In the next step, Lothar Genkinger began the production of pallet lifting devices for all industry sectors. Swabian high-quality work and a sophisticated sales concept raised the company’s profile and increased its market share around the world. Genkinger is without doubt an example of a part of Germany’s economic history. Irmgard Genkinger-Bütterlin, granddaughter of the company's founder and daughter of Lothar Genkinger explains what the economic miracle has brought her, simply: "Even more work". She was employed by the company until two years ago. The founding family, Genkinger, naturally regrets the fact that it is no longer responsible for the company's destiny. However, the family is both proud and happy at the same time that Hubtex, as a parent company with a majority share, is characterised by being a family-owned, medium-sized company.

As a former competitor, Hubtex underwent similar growth to Genkinger: initially this was primarily in the textile industry, and the product range was gradually expanded after the textile industry moved abroad. The medium-sized company from Fulda had wisely retained the Genkinger core, but expanded it with additional options so that the company is better placed today than ever before. The diverse synergy effects between Genkinger and Hubtex had advantages for both companies. Since 2004, Hubtex has made significant investments in Genkinger: state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, building conversions, an elaborate paint shop, new product development of a modular system that increased efficiency etc., etc., etc. Ralf Jestädt, who is Managing Director of both Hubtex and Genkinger-Hubtex, says: "Hubtex and Genkinger were previously fierce competitors, but there was always a mutual respect. We are now a strong partnership."