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Cooper Industries responds to customers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

As several states work to fully restore power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many have been relying on products and services from Cooper Industries. With first class solutions designed to help speed up recovery during crises or natural disasters, Cooper not only provides service to customers when it is needed most, but also goes to extra lengths to accommodate those faced with major systems problems.  Even when faced with major problems brought on by Hurricane Sandy, Cooper delivers. Cooper Power Systems has been working with utilities along the eastern seaboard to restore power to millions with the help of single-phase overhead transformers, fuses, protective equipment, and connectors. Many of these products are engineered-to-order and typically require longer lead times. With emergency communications systems in place, flexing manufacturing capacity, air shipping material in from the company's global supply base, and workers willing to put in extra hours to get the job done, lead times on some of these

Short lead-times and a designated storm response team helped aid and ship products needed to restore power to the east coast.

products has gone from weeks to days. Plus, five days prior to the storm hitting the east coast, the company began contacting utility customers to better anticipate their needs. Cooper Power Systems maintains a designated storm response team as part of its customer service center comprised of highly-trained members who ensure quick and efficient power restoration for customers throughout North America. Customers can reach the 24-hour disaster response support line by calling 262-367-1677. The Cooper Bussmann Emergency Response Program is focused on helping communities recover quickly by offering a QuikShip program on more than 7,000 in-stock products. All disaster recovery orders are entered with priority status, and available products are shipped within 24 hours or even on the next flight out if needed. Products and solutions can be ordered via email at; by calling 636-527-3877 during normal business hours in any time zone (8 am4:00 pm); or by calling the emergency support line after hours at 314-995-1342.

Yet another division offering quick product shipment, Cooper B-Line is dedicated to providing expedited services to customers when they are faced with major infrastructure system issues due to natural disasters. Thanks to its network of distribution centers across the country, Cooper B-Line is able to ship products for commercial, industrial, and utility markets to affected areas within 24 hours.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds also offers priority services and shipping on a wide range of products. Customers can email orders 24 hours/day and will receive priority processing when including an email header of "DISASTER RELIEF – EMERGENCY ORDER" or they can call in orders as needed. To provide products quickly and locally, Cooper Crouse-Hinds also offers emergency support and rapid delivery of some of its most popular and in-demand materials. Special daily outbound shipments from Crouse-Hinds serve the New England and mid-Atlantic Regions and can be ordered via email at; by calling 866-764-5454 during normal hours (8 a.m.8 p.m.); or by calling the emergency support line at 315-254-0641.

"During these tough times, we are working with customers along the eastern seaboard to ensure necessary products and solutions are available and shipped out as quickly as possible," said Cooper Industries chairman and CEO, Kirk Hachigian. "As a company, it is our goal to minimize downtime in the hopes of helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy restores a sense of normalcy to their lives. We will continue working around the clock to provide products and services as clean up and recovery efforts continue."