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Shamrock Cold Storage: When the chips were down, AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL was up

Accellos has issued a case study of AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL customer Shamrock Cold Storage.  Battling a critical implementation window for its first customer, Shamrock Cold Storage contacted Accellos and got a hosted first-tier 3PL solution in production in two weeks.

Company Start-up refrigerated 3PL warehouse company, Shamrock Cold Storage, debuted in Brampton, Ontario on January 1, 2012, in 60,000 square feet of freezer-cooler space leased from Omaha-based Millard Refrigerated Services, Inc. The family-owned company is headed by John Nother, who came out of retirement, and his son, Michael, both seasoned 3PL industry professionals.

Situation Seattle-based seafood company Aqua Star decided to consolidate its Eastern Canada inventory from five locations to a single facility. And based on past personal and professional experience, they wanted the Nothers to manage it. But the Nothers had neither a company nor a facility. The challenge: create a fully functional 3PL operation from scratch in about a month.

Solution Leasing freezer-cooler space was straightforward, but with neither the time nor resources to buy, set up and staff a 3PL management system, the Nothers turned to Accellos, who offered a hosted software solution through their Colorado data center. Without the burden of an on-site system, Office Manager Lyn Miles was free to focus on the pressing customer requirements.

Results Inventory from the original warehouses began to arrive on February 2, followed by containers from the ocean ports. On February 7, Miles was keying-in the first receivings; billing for inbound shipments commenced February 13; the first outbound orders departed on the 15th. More customers followed and Shamrock was quickly operating near capacity. “Small facilities are easier to control and they tend to enable a more personal level of service. We are like a specialty shop; we can provide services that other, larger operations cannot handle,” said John Nother, Owner of Shamrock Cold Storage. “Shamrock’s rapid two week implementation is a great example of how software designed for the specific needs of 3PL’s can be installed quickly and with limited risk,” said Joe Couto, Senior Vice President of Accellos.  “Traditional warehouse management systems are designed for distributors making them difficult and time consuming to implement in concurrent client environments.”

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