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Georgia unveils new logistics spotlight tool for every county

In keeping with its mission as the State of Georgia’s leading resource for fueling logistics competitiveness, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics announced the release of its newest tool, “County Logistics Spotlights”.  As the name implies, each of these custom-built reports focuses on each of Georgia’s 159 counties and begins to tell their logistics stories in a concise yet comprehensive format.  These County Logistics Spotlights will make their debut on Thursday, September 13th at the Georgia Economic Developers Association’s (GEDA) Annual Conference. Logistics is one of Georgia’s most strategic industries and employs over one million Georgians statewide; at the same time it is also one of the most complex. The Spotlights provide a thorough logistics overview for each of Georgia’s 159 counties and has numerous facts about Georgia’s logistics infrastructure, rankings and industry clusters.  Each Spotlight will also include information such as: the freight flow of truck and rail volumes, infrastructure assets, and industry clusters. “The Spotlights are like logistics baseball cards, packed with vital stats and information about each of the 159 players on Georgia’s county logistics team,” stated Page Siplon, Executive Director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics.  “This level of focused detail has never been compiled and delivered in this way and we are quite excited to be able to deliver it.  The spotlights will help showcase Georgia’s unique combination of logistics leadership, strengths, assets that exist in every corner of the state, and further enforce our position as a gateway for global commerce.” added Siplon.  “We think this tool will create an even more vibrant discussion throughout Georgia with regards to how logistics can enable broad industry growth and competitiveness, and create new jobs and investments.” Each Spotlight contains a wide range of data that spans across multiple topics, including:  Truck Volumes/Value; Rail Volumes/Value; Ocean Freight Imports/Exports; Logistics Employment and Sales Revenue; Logistics Educational Offerings; Leadership Contact Information; Top “Storage” Providers Employment; Sales and Square Footage; County and Statewide Talking Points; Web-links to multiple other sources such as, the Georgia Department of Labor, and more.  In the coming months, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics will host its annual Georgia Logistics Summit at the Georgia World Congress Center on March 19-20, 2013.  In 2012 this event hosted 1,600 participants from 28 states and 7 nations.  Registration is now open.  For more information on the conference and how to register, visit: