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The second Tennessee State University Supply Chain Summit to focus on risk managment

This fall, the Tennessee State University Supply Chain Management program will host its second Supply Chain Summit in Nashville, Tenn. at their downtown Avon Williams campus. The Summit, Risk Management in the Supply Chain, will bring educators and industry leaders together to learn what’s needed and what’s being done to prepare tomorrow’s supply chain workforce. “Tennessee has the advantage of being a premier location in terms of logistics, transportation and supply-chain management expertise,” said TSU’s Dr. Festus Olorunniwo. Dr. Olorunniwo is a Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management and the Head of the Department of Business Administration at TSU. “To stay on top we must continue to innovate our industry practices. This Summit helps us do that by bringing together industry, educators and researchers,” said Olorunniwo. This year’s conference will focus on best practices, real-world challenges and solutions, and the current and future state of “the next last frontier.” Speaking on these topics, attendees will hear from leading voices in the industry, including:

  • Linda Conrad, Director of Strategic Business Risk Management, Zurich Services Corporation
  • Frank Miller, Vice President of Public Sales Operations, Dell Inc.
  • Chris Styles, Director of Logistics, IS and Service Parts Purchasing, Nissan Americas
  • William Teas, Executive Director of Corporate Risk Management, Gaylord Entertainment

The Summit will provide a platform for industry leaders to share expertise on the challenges and opportunities in supply chain, as well as equip future supply chain leaders with proven industry solutions.

What: Tennessee State University Supply Chain Summit
When: Oct. 15-16, 2012
Where: TSU Avon Williams Campus, 330 10th Avenue North, Nashville
Who: Supply Chain professionals, leaders in Supply Chain Management and Risk Management, students and faculty