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Hire a Vet! II

First of all, let me take this time to thank all of the equipment dealers who took the time to write or call concerning the “Hire-A-Vet!” article featured in the May issue. It was indeed an outpouring of information and this article will attempt to take the best information we received to help equipment dealers, while at the same time helping our veterans. Unfortunately, the replies I am getting back from state and federal government agencies are basically zilch, and why am I not surprised?

Let’s start with the ladies. We received a note from Luella Warren of Far West Equipment Dealers Association, who is an Army Veteran of fourteen years. Thanks Luella for your service to our country. Luella wanted to remind all of us that at every military base throughout the country there is a Career Center. Their mission is to assist outgoing service members to find a job. It would be wise for service or operations managers to contact their local military bases and put in their requests. Luella further writes that previous service members are very dedicated and would be a great asset in any profession they choose. Luella also provided us a copy of the Tax Break Bill. This is a federal government bill that makes funds available for those hiring veterans. If you would like a copy email me at:

According to the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program reduces an employer’s cost of doing business and requires little paperwork.

A large Texas equipment dealer writes that he took our suggestion and Googled “New Employment Initiatives for Veterans” and they provided some excellent leads. He further went on to say that if they can find the right young men, they would be willing to send them to Okmulgee and pay 80% of their tuition, books, fees, room and meal expenses. He went further and supplied me with a requirement list for the veterans to meet to qualify for this training opportunity.

One “world-class dealer” reports: I am convinced that dealers should attend meetings where women congregate because the nature of a technician is they do not like change, a wife listens to her husband complain about his job but (he) never does anything about it. I think at least 30% to 40% of the technicians we have hired happened due to the wife searching job listing sites and telling her husband to call and even sometimes calling to set up an interview.” Another dealer reports that when they hire a technician they always interview his wife. They want her to feel that she is a member of the dealer family, a rather unique but great idea. A dealer told me that he is excited about all of the schools and colleges they have developed relationships with to find technicians.

Many dealers, manufacturers and suppliers are stepping forth with programs for not only finding technicians, but for finding management quality personnel. One major supplier is providing a summer job for the son of one of their dealers. The young man has a great GPA and wants to go to work for his dad at some point down the road. His summer job with the manufacturer will help him determine whether going to work for his father’s dealership is the right road to take. Get involved with your suppliers’ programs. Listen to what they have to say about finding people. They have a tremendous amount of information available for you. Contact your Industry Associations. Many can provide assistance in finding technicians. As an example the Southwestern Dealer’s Association, out of Kansas City, MO, (800) 762-5616 has an on-going program with Oklahoma State University in Okmulgee for developing technicians. Many associations offer scholarships for students desiring to become technicians. Check this out with your association.

Another great contact for dealers to make is with a gentleman by the name of Steve Doede. Steve is the Director of Industry Out-Reach, at Linn State Technical College, located in Linn, Missouri. Steve works with dealers in groups helping with the problems of both hiring and training technicians. His phone number is: (573) 897-5296, his email address is: Steve has a wealth of experience in helping and working with dealers who truly want to expand their service operation for their customers.

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