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Crown Equipment to discuss scalable paths for forklift fleet and operator management at Interlog 2012

Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s leading forklift manufacturers, today announced Jim Gaskell, director of global Insite™ products, will be participating in a fleet management roundtable discussion at Interlog 2012 in Dallas on June 12. Interlog is a North American conference for after-sales service and reverse logistics professionals in high-tech industries.

Gaskell will discuss how recent advances in warehouse management technology offer manageable ways for companies to reap varied benefits from information available from their forklift fleets. He will also stress that the coherent organization of forklift data is key to optimizing material handling operations and essential to addressing productivity, efficiency and compliance issues in virtually any type of application. Obtaining and understanding meaningful data, such as maintenance costs, truck productivity levels and number of impacts, allows logistics managers to improve productivity by automating processes and consolidating fragmented operations.

“Concerns about the cost and complexity of implementing a comprehensive forklift fleet and operator management program have kept some organizations from moving forward with deployment,” Gaskell said. “The key to implementing an effective fleet and operator management system is utilizing reliable, scalable and flexible technology that enables a phased approach. As a leader in material handling technology, Crown is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive and practical roadmap that enables them to effectively manage the movement of their fleet, operators and products.”