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MHEDA's 57th Annual Convention & Exhibitor's Showcase • Loews Miami Beach Hotel • Miami Beach, Florida • May 5-9, 2012

In 1971, John Lennon asked us to “Imagine” a different world. Forty-one years later, for better or worse, it is a different world. As a business professional in the material handling industry, you face new challenges every day. Customers demands are on the rise, the economy is uncertain and demonstrating your value in the supply chain is more important than ever before.

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is gearing up for its 57th Annual Convention this spring in Miami Beach, Fla. Hundreds of executives are already registered to attend this important industry event. This year’s theme “Re-Imagine Your Business” is centered on providing attendees with solid, insightful and inspirational ways to re-think business strategies.

Improving your bottom line will not happen if you are buried under a pile of paperwork and problems. Four days away from the office can mean a world of difference to what your future will look like. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to attend…

More Learning

  • There are more presentations planned for 2012 than ever before. Choose from 21 topics that matter most to you: the economy, financial trends, sales, branding, social media, customer service automation, service technicians, banking and so much more.
  • Also new about the presentations is that they are shorter in length. You will have more time to attend more programs.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from insightful keynote and general sessions:

Membership Business Meeting
Hear from your MHEDA Board of Directors on how the association is working to better serve you!

No One Can Stop You But You
How much more productive would your organization be if everyone took responsibility for their mistakes and continuous improvement was a team effort? Former NBA athlete Walter Bond attributes his success to the power of accountability. Walter will compel you to take personal responsibility then reveal how to apply the power of accountability.
Keynote Presentation by Walter Bond, former NBA athlete, speaker and author

The Economy
One word of economic insight can mean a world of difference to your business. Economist Alan Beaulieu will present easy-to-apply solutions, industry-specific strategies, and insightful suggestions to potentially help you change the course of your business.
Presented by Alan Beaulieu, Economist, Institute for Trend Research

It's Not Who You Know - It's Who Knows YOU! How to Raise Your Profits by Raising Your Profile
In his wildly informative, energetic and entertaining signature presentation, marketing and branding guru David Avrin shows professionals how to stand out in their competitive category by crafting and promoting a compelling message and a memorable brand.
Presented by David Avrin, The Visibility Coach

Financial Trends, What You Need to Know to Improve Your Profitability
Bob Currie, President of Currie Management Consultants will share his insight about key trends affecting the material handling industry based on data collected and analyzed for MHEDA’s annual financial benchmarking report (DiSC Report). Currie will outline key performance indicators, how they affect overall profitability and steps you can take to improve your bottom line.
Presented by Bob Currie, President, Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

The Impact of Team Selling
Learn why a team approach selling is essential to the long-term success of your organization, and particularly in your efforts to win major accounts. As a result of this workshop, you will be prepared to coach your organization to present themselves as a cohesive unit with a single message and coordinated approach to delivering results.
Presented by William Walker, President, The Walker Consulting Group

“Enlighten me, but make it quick!” New in 2012, MHEDA has seven quick Ignite Sessions for you to choose from. Fast, informative and enlightening:

Your Banking Relationship – A Member Case Study
MHEDA Member Dave Griffith, CEO of Modern Group will share a case study about the critical importance of working with your banks particularly during challenging economic times. Griffith will touch on how to best educate your banker about the material handling business and how to ensure a symbiotic relationship with this important business partner.

Unique Personality Drivers Your Next Sales Hire Should Have
How can you tell if a promising job applicant really has the qualities needed to become one of your top sales representatives? Does he or she have the drive to make cold calls time and time again? Does he or she have the resilience required to bounce back from rejection and get back in the game? Learn the insights on how to make the best decision for your company.
Presented by Ricardo Roman , VP Strategic Partners, Caliper

Financial Benchmarking for the IT Distributor
Matthew Hicks, Senior Consultant with Currie Management Consultants will share tips on how the Industrial Truck Distributor can best utilize MHEDA’s Distributor Statistical Comparison Report (DiSC) to manage operations and improve overall performance.

On-boarding Service Technicians
You’ve hired what you hope to be an excellent technician. How can you warranty your decision? We’ll show you how to onboard your technician and accelerate the time to full productivity, including how to ensure they show up the first day, to what you should cover the first week, 30-90 days and beyond.

Presented by DeeAnn Palin, Vice President of Employment at Universal Technical Institute, Inc.

The Power of Email Marketing
This is a dynamic presentation filled with best practices on email marketing. Learn how to avoid being labeled a spammer, when to send emails, how to measure the results of email campaigns and more.
Presented by Sandi Abbott, Owner, Xpresso Marketing

Financial Benchmarking for the ES/SH Distributor
Matthew Hicks, Senior Consultant with Currie Management Consultants will share tips on how the Storage & Handling/Engineered Systems Distributor can best utilize MHEDA’s Distributor Statistical Comparison Report (DiSC) to manage operations and improve overall performance.

Workers Comp
During this session we will discuss the effect of the experience modifier on your work comp pricing and how the experience modifier is calculated. We will also discuss how to handle a workers comp audit to protect yourself from unnecessary workers comp additional premium.
Presented by Paul Praxmarer, Corkill Insurance Agency, Inc.

More Networking

  • To get more out of your networking time, MHEDA has planned “Meet-n-Greet” Breakfasts. Get to know your fellow attendees better, first thing in the morning.
  • A new technology tool we will be using in 2012 is called “Poken.” It is a fun and easy way to “poke” one another and exchange business cards digitally.
  • MHEDA hosts a Happy Hour following the Exhibitors Showcase (a tabletop showcase featuring 80+ of the material handling industry’s best companies.) New in 2012, this event will be separate from the Showcase, so that exhibitors have more opportunities to mingle with attendees.

More Fun

  • The Convention host hotel, the Loews Miami Beach, is a graceful Art Deco landmark located right in the heart of South Beach. This newly renovated, ocean-front hotel will stun you with its beautiful views and beautiful people. It’s a place to see and be seen.
  • Not one to sit by the pool? MHEDA has a variety of activities planned. Find one that fits your personality: speed boat tour, guided tour of the historic Villa Vizcaya, bike tour, a golf tournament and more!

You will not regret spending four days networking, learning and re-imaging your business. Fire-up your laptop and register for MHEDA’s Convention today! To learn more about MHEDA’s Convention, visit or call 847-680-3500.