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Roadrunner Rubber poised, ready for the future

Roadrunner Rubber corporation, located in Houston Texas, introduced the original fiberglass tire in 1968.

The tires consisted of two compounds, mixed together with chopped fiberglass, creating a greater load capacity, while offering a much better cut resistance than that of standard rubber tires.

Shortly thereafter, the company created the first fiberglass non-marking tire.

“An American-made tire is of increasing importance to our customers today,” said Ray Ritchie, Vice President of Operations at Roadrunner. “The recent recession, in which the entire world has seemed to experience, Roadrunner Rubber Corporation has witnessed a very welcomed growth pattern.”

Roadrunner Rubber is the oldest forklift tire company in Houston, with the capabilities of not only manufacturing, but also servicing and installing tires in the Houston market place.

In the past, Roadrunner Rubber has been known throughout the United States as a fiberglass cushion press-on manufacturing company.

In the last 10 years, they have also added lines consisting of rubber tires, cushion- pneumatics and solids, along with a complete line of polyurethane tires and load wheels.   

What makes Roadrunner Rubber a special company?

“The folks that are in charge – the owner and myself – have years and years and years of experience,” Ritchie said. “We really do treat everybody as family. Not only the employees, but our customers as well.”

Ritchie believes the fiberglass and polyurethane tires work hand in hand in the material handling industry. Roadrunner Rubber manufactures 84 sizes of cushion press on tires that fit all manufacturers’ forklifts. 

“Roadrunner has the ability, accompanied with years of experience, throughout our staff to quickly size up and sum up a customer’s problem,” Ritchie said. “We are then able to offer real solutions to eliminating the problem.

“We also can provide tires for forklifts that have not been produced for 30 or 40 years.”

Roadrunner is an American company that has remained 100 percent dedicated to the Material Handling industry for 43 years.

“Roadrunner Rubber is always in touch with the changing needs throughout the Material Handling industry. Our company is stronger than ever, and sets poised and ready for the future.”