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Johnson Controls named as industry leader in Carbon Accounting software

Johnson Controls, the global, multi-industrial provider of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions, has been recognized as a market leader in Enterprise Carbon Accounting software, according to a report issued by Groom Energy Solutions, a renewable and energy-efficiency service provider. The report names Johnson Controls as one of seven emerging leaders based on its evaluation of customer deployments, technology features, market vision and financial stability.

Among the key contributors to Johnson Controls’ ranking is its Energy and Emissions Management System, which provides global organizations with the capability to analyze energy trends and calculate greenhouse gas levels. This Web-based system measures, manages and forecasts activities related to energy cost, consumption, energy efficiency projects, fleet emissions and waste. Organizations can receive easy-to-understand, auditable reports to validate incoming data.

The Johnson Controls system currently manages $1 billion of an annual energy spend and annually monitors 63 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions for 5,000 buildings located in 88 countries. Over the last eight years, the system has captured more than 8,000 energy and cost savings initiatives, nearly half of which were achieved for global companies including Pfizer, Wyeth, Dell and Xerox, resulting in savings of $1 billion and 6.2 million metric tons of CO2 or the equivalent.

Several recent actions are prompting companies and institutions to prepare to measure and report their carbon footprint. For instance mandatory cap-and-trade legislation, under consideration by Congress, will put a price on carbon and encourage companies to save money by reducing their emissions; the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing corporate disclosure regulations related to climate change; and a United Nations Finance Initiative report recommends that asset managers who advise institutional investors should consider a company’s environmental, social and governance issues or possibly face legal action for negligence.

“Our research identified the growing need for carbon accounting software systems which help organizations track, manage and report their GHG emissions,” said Jonathan Guerster, CEO of Groom Energy Solutions. “It was clear that Johnson Controls, with its Energy and Emissions Management System, is an early market leader in this emerging industry.”