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Former CTO of Nanodynamics Inc. joins Protonex
Protonex Technology Corporation, a provider of advanced fuel cell power systems for portable, remote and mobile applications, announced that Dr. Caine Finnerty, a world expert in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, has joined Protonex as Director of SOFC Systems Development.

Dr. Finnerty, formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Nanodynamics Inc., assumes a critical leadership role in the Protonex SOFC development group in Broomfield, Colo., expanding the capabilities of the existing SOFC team. His role at Protonex will be multifaceted and includes the management of teams focused on advanced technologies, product development, project management, and SOFC tube and stack development and fabrication.

With more than 17 years of education and experience with analytical chemistry and SOFC development, Dr. Finnerty has played a key role in the development and implementation of micro tubular technology worldwide. After completing his post- graduate program in 1998 at Keele University (Staffordshire, UK), Dr. Finnerty, assisted in proving the viability of tubular SOFC technology in a Japanese NEDO program, then transferred early versions to Acumentrics in Boston, where he served as a senior fuel cell engineer. Most recently, Dr. Finnerty was a founding member of Nanodynamics Energy Inc. and built a multinational team of engineers and scientists. Under his supervision and guidance this group developed an industry leading SOFC technology, and successfully integrated that technology into portable SOFC systems operating on various fuels that have been tested and operated globally.

Dr. Finnerty has completed postdoctoral, industrial development and commercialization programs on multiple SOFC applications, and has been involved in the design, development and production of systems up to 5,000 watts. He continues to contribute to the SOFC field via publication of a variety of papers in both journals and proceedings, and is named in several patents for a variety of companies in key areas of SOFC development, including materials, SOFC design and optimization, integrated stack design, electrochemical reforming and system operation.

"Protonex began its investment in creating a world class SOFC team in 2007 with its acquisition of Mesoscopic Devices. Since that date, we have made continuing investments and have demonstrated compelling results," stated Scott Pearson, Protonex President and CEO. "The addition of Dr. Caine Finnerty will further enhance the team's capability, allowing us to accelerate market entry for our leading edge military and commercial SOFC products.&quot