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Toyota receives record-high customer satisfaction ratings in annual survey program

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc.'s (TMHU) annual Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey program has validated the company's ongoing commitment to superior customer service. The recently tallied 2008 survey results show top-ranking levels in the 90th percentile for customer satisfaction with Toyota sales and delivery, service and parts, and overall product experience through Toyota's dealer network.  

Managed by a third-party vendor, the VOC program has tracked survey responses from Toyota lift truck customers since 2003. The program utilizes a combination of scoring and open-ended questions.  It includes three different surveys to measure customers' total experience with Toyota in the areas of sales and delivery, service and parts, and overall product satisfaction. For 2008, the sales and delivery survey indicated a customer satisfaction rate of 92 percent; and both the service and parts and product experience surveys showed customer satisfaction rates of 93 percent. In addition, 92 percent of respondents indicated that they would repurchase a Toyota.

Using in-depth research methods to obtain customer feedback over the course of 12 months, Toyota's VOC survey program remains one of the most thorough and reliable in the industry. Survey responses are uploaded daily to the VOC Web site, where both Toyota and dealers can access the information to evaluate and proactively respond to customer needs.

"We are honored to receive such positive responses and high rankings from our customers, as we feel they reinforce our position of value and leadership in the material handling industry," said Brett Wood, president of TMHU. "Toyota's dedication to quality is deeply ingrained in every process of our business, and we are elated to see our customer base respond to these continuing efforts."

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