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SISCO celebrates 15 years in the security, tracking and management industry

Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO) was founded in 1994 by CEO Anthony Zagami and since that time has built a significant client base.  This has occurred in response to a continually increasing need to rapidly identify, credential and track employees, visitors, vendors and the general public into and out of buildings, facilities, vessels, and special events.  Virtually any place where access is controlled, SISCO has the equipment and technology to assure this goal.

The company's measurable growth and success have been concurrent with our nation's need for greater security.  Both the public and private sectors recognize the importance of additional security, and have identified Visitor Management as an essential front line protection to control and track individuals gaining access to their facilities.

SISCO's success is such that its products and services have become synonymous with Identification Management needs and represent the security identification solution of choice on nearly every cruise line vessel in operation, over 1,000 hospitals and schools and in a large number of government and military facilities including DEA Headquarters in Washington DC.  In a very prestigious and nationally recognized contract award, SISCO's FAST-PASS® solution was selected by the N.Y.C. Police Department to serve as it's only Identity Management and Visitor access control system at its headquarters building.  The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) awarded SISCO a blanket Services and Supply contract in 2004 which allows federal, state and local government agencies to purchase SISCO products and services directly from the company.

As more of the world's electronic services are going wireless and mobile, SISCO has also developed a cutting edge mobile solution that instantly displays the photograph of an individual and tracks a person through checkpoints throughout a facility or site. This advanced technology is the wave of the future providing the flexibility for security and safety personnel to have on-the-spot instant identification of an individual in a security or crisis-related event.

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