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IDEA teams with Affiliated Distributors (A-D) to offer synchronization pilot program
Pilot aims to address and improve synchronization processes at A-D member organizations
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IDEA, an electrical industry owned eCommerce service provider, and Affiliated Distributors (A-D), a wholesale buying and marketing group, today announced plans to begin a pilot program under which IDEA will assist A-D members with recommendations on improving their synchronization processes.

Prior to the announcement, IDEA had been working with four A-D members over a 60 day period to help both organizations define the scope of the program - which is exclusive to A-D for the 2009 calendar year.

The program is part of IDEA's comprehensive commitment to enable individuals and companies in the electrical channel with a roadmap for synchronization. The pilot is broken down into three phases: analysis, recommendation, and execution.

"A-D is very pleased to join forces with a partner who is committed to synchronization within the electrical channel. Leadership from both organizations understands that in a globally competitive economy, businesses must be innovative and leverage opportunities to invest in, and use, critical tools and resources that eliminate operational costs and increase sales. We continue to be committed to providing our members with such opportunities to thrive," said Bill Weisberg, CEO, Affiliated Distributors.

IDEA is working closely with A-D and participating members to ensure that the pilot program is a success. IDEA will introduce the program industry-wide after the A-D pilot program is completed.

"Affiliated Distributors is taking an innovative approach to helping their members achieve efficiencies in a difficult and uncertain economic time. The one certainty in these times is that any company, regardless of how big or small, can gain undeniable efficiencies and cost savings with transactional synchronization - and the time to take advantage of that synchronization is now," said Bob Gaylord, president and CEO, IDEA.