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HPS honors McKenna Agencies for outstanding customer service and consistent sales growth...
HPS presents McKenna Agencies with 2008 Canadian Rep of the Year award

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), a manufacturer of dry-type electrical transformers in North America, has presented McKenna Agencies with its 2008 Canadian Rep of the Year award for outstanding performance in 2008. McKenna Agencies, located in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is an independent manufacturers representative charged with the marketing and promotion of high quality products throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories. HPS selected McKenna Agencies based on customer feedback that indicated the high level of customer service and support provided, as well as its consistent sales growth over the year.

"McKenna Agencies has demonstrated outstanding performance in helping HPS grow its customer base by supporting new products and technology introductions in the marketplace," said Al Davenport, Canadian national sales manager at HPS. "McKenna Agencies has continued to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and sales support while also expanding our market presence at the engineering and design level."

"McKenna Agencies is proud and honored to receive HPS' 2008 Canadian Rep of the Year award," said Randy Oltmann, Co-Owner of McKenna Agencies. "We will strive to continue to be the preferred choice of engineers and purchasing professionals for HPS' innovative families of transformer products."

HPS transformers are comprised of the highest quality cores that contain non-aging fully processed silicon steel laminations, that are precision cut to close tolerances to eliminate burrs and interleaved to improve performance. Coils are available in either aluminum or copper and are precision wound to ensure electrical balance to minimize axial short-circuit forces. To allow for easy field installation, HPS transformers are available with both high and low voltage terminal lug connectors. HPS utilizes superior insulation materials that meet UL standards to maximize temperature ratings. Regardless of voltage class, HPS transformers undergo a vacuum pressure polyester resin impregnation process to provide high dielectric strength and bonding. All HPS transformers are tested to ensure product quality and reliability.

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