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KSW Microtec appoints new technical director to enforce Government ID activities
Carsten Nieland
Carsten Nieland

KSW Microtec AG, a supplier of RFID components, has appointed Carsten Nieland to head their R&D division for high security products. In this role, he is responsible in particular for KSW¹s inlay and Thinlam® products used in the fast growing access and e-government market segments for access cards, driver licenses and electronic ID cards.

"We are delighted to welcome Carsten Nieland to the KSW Microtec team and look forward to benefiting from his broad knowledge and expertise in the fields of contactless technology and government applications. The timing is perfect since e-government is a fast growing business for KSW," says Thomas Hitzer, CEO of KSW Microtec.

Before joining KSW Microtec, Carsten Nieland held a number of key executive roles in the RFID industry at Cubit electronics (which later merged with Sokymat), ITG and HID Global. The responsibility for the development of e-passport inlays and the introduction of new technologies and products in this sector were specific to his role. This resulted in the start up of inlay production for the first e-passport project in Europe and for the coordination, qualification and commercialization of all types of ID document and smart card inlay products for e-government applications.

"One of the key factors for all future card applications in the government sector is the development of very thin prelaminates," commented Carsten Nieland. "KSW Microtec¹s leading edge technology and capacity for innovation offer great opportunities for developing ultra thin HF and UHF pre-laminates specially suited to ID cards and e-passports. I'm looking forward to enforcing the growth of the Government ID business at KSW."