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Sky-Trax Elects CEO to Board of Directors

Sky-Trax Incorporated is proud to announce the election of Mitch Silver to the Sky-Trax Board of Directors.  Mitch was hired as CEO of Sky-Trax earlier this year, and has proven to be a tremendous asset to the company. With his experience as an attorney, Mitch brings 15 years of business experience working with various start-ups and technology based businesses. In addition to being a Director, Mitch will continue in his role as CEO where his efforts at Sky-Trax have already been beneficial in helping the company to lay the groundwork for expansion into global markets.

Silver said, “It is a real honor for me to serve alongside some of the most visionary and talented technology engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure to have known.  We are just starting to get the recognition for our innovative and ground breaking technology and this will set off a phase of rapid growth.  Our growth strategy will stay focused on the continuation of strong partnerships, and the development of new partners, throughout the logistics industry.”

We will continue to explore such exciting areas as AGV navigation, collision avoidance systems, as well building on the proven success of optimizing fork-truck operations with real time location tracking” said Silver.