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September 2014
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ITSDF offers standards online

The Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation is pleased to announce that is now operational and that those interested in the material handling industry may now download the B 56 series of standards without charge. Speaking on behalf of the ITSDF board, President William Montweiler noted that, "The implementation of the website gives everyone an opportunity to download the most recent ANSI/ITSDF technical standards dealing with forklifts and related equipment. The cooperation ITSDF received from the members of the various B 56 Committees, as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, brought this long-anticipated development to fruition."

Noting that the Foundation has been entirely funded by the Industrial Truck Association thus far, Montweiler pointed out that, "The Board of Directors hopes that every segment of the material handling community, whether user, supplier, expert, or manufacturer, contributes its fair share to the Foundation. Donations qualify as a charitable deduction. The idea is to make owning the standards easy."


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