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Chemetall Oaktite celebrates 95 years

This year marks the 95th anniversary of the Chemetall Oaktite company, which was founded in 1909 under the name of the Oakley Chemical Company with a flagship product called Oakite.  A safe alternative to caustic soda, Oakite was used for heavy duty cleaning applications and was especially critical during World War I as a cleaner for artillery shells.  By 1926 the product had become so popular that the company changed its name to Oakite Products.

Early in 2000, Oakite Products, Inc. changed its name to Chemetall Oakite to reflect the strengthened partnership with Oakite's parent company, Chemetall GmbH, a provider of chemical technologies based in Frankfurt, Germany. The name also signifies the company's ability to bring global technology to the local marketplace.

"Chemetall Oakite has become synonymous with the science of cleaning and surface treatment," states Ron Felber, Oakite's President and Chief Executive Officer, "for 95 years Chemetall Oakite has demonstrated a commitment to quality, service and partnership."

Today Chemetall Oakite offers over 400 specialized products and systems for more than 30 industries, including aerospace, appliance, architectural, automotive, coil coating, cold forming, general industries and other surface treatment-related markets including food, pharmaceuticals and pulp and paper.

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