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December 2017
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New Max-Lift-Bench incorporates a work bench and lift table in one

Lift Product's new Max-Lift-Bench incorporates a work bench and lift table in one.  Most work benches have limited capacities and travel ranges.  A typical work bench has a range of 12” were our Max-Lift-Bench has a lift range of 45” and a capacity of 2,000 lbs.  This allows the operator better ergonomic positioning or larger assemblies, sub-assemblies or other items that require a solid worktop. Safety features include a ratchet latch that safely locks the lift table into predetermined heights and eliminates hydraulic drift.  1” safety gap between scissor arms protects against potential sheering injuries.  As a workbench, the table includes all the standard lift table features with the expanded work bench options of an adjustable overhead light, PC & keyboard mount, overhead balancer rack, electrical strip, conveyor tops and more. Optional slide-in deck wings to expand the size of the table are also available.