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Top five ways to incentivize your employees — the right way

Incentivizing your team is a no-brainer. Make your employees feel rewarded and you'll boost their morale, making productivity soar. Give your sales team something meaningful to strive for and you'll ignite their drive.

There are a lot of ways to incentivize your team. But let's be honest — most online incentives programs fall into one of three categories: they're expensive, complicated, or both. Who has time to wade through the options and find something that's not a hassle?

Us. And we did. But we couldn't find anything we liked … so we developed Payback Incentives, the "do it yourself" incentive program that lets you reward your team quickly, painlessly, and without breaking the bank.

Here's what we learned about incentivizing your employees — the right way.

Give them what they want
There are few things worse than working your fingers to the bone only to be rewarded with something you don't like or can't use. Give your team the gift of choice with Payback Incentives. They can choose their own gift from amongst dozens of e-gift cards to retail outlets they've actually heard of, from Amazon to Zappos and practically everything in between.

Give it to them now
People love instant gratification. It's hard for employees to stay motivated when they've met their goal but have to wait for their reward. Payback Incentives lets you reward your employees immediately. All they have to do pick the e-gift card they want and then use it immediately — in person, online, or right from their smartphone.

Make it hassle-free
Companies spend a lot of valuable time struggling to manage inefficient employee recognition programs. We decided to do it differently. Payback Incentives is the simplest way to reward your employees. No more shopping for gifts. No more giving everyone the same gift. No more manual tracking. No more spending a fortune. Simple.

Make it fit
The right fit is important. But most online employee incentives programs don't scale with your company. Small businesses are left buying a product with too many features for their needs, and large companies don't have the flexibility they want. Payback Incentives offers two simple plans: the free Starter Plan for companies with up to 250 employees; and the $99/month Advanced Plan for larger companies that need more levels of approval and a variety of program options. Both plans give you robust reporting and plenty of ways to make the program your own.

Make it flexible
Rewarding your team shouldn't put you between a rock and a hard place. Payback Incentives is different. There are no contracts, long-term commitments, setup fees, per-user fees, or markup on the points you buy.

What are you waiting for? Reward them for the holidays this year – and then institute a year-long program of recognition for 2017.