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How educating your buyers to make more informed purchasing decisions results in more business

In today’s digital landscape, prospects looking to make a purchase are inundated with choices. With the availability of options within the click of a button, buyers want to be in the know to make the best possible purchase. The same is true for the manufacturing industry. Not having a digital presence is probably the worst mistake a company can make, however, simply existing on the web doesn’t cut it either. In a crowded digital space full of options, you must set your brand apart. How? Empower your prospects by educating them.

Educating your prospects means you’re creating content of value to them. Beyond selling your products, you’re helping them resolve an issue or helping them learn. In short, you become a valuable resource for them. Craft content that addresses their pain points and relevant industry topics that matter to them. Share your expertise by writing blogs, creating webinars, writing helpful whitepapers, hosting lunch and learns, sending industry newsletters, and the list goes on and on. Don’t just tell them about the benefits of your products or services, instead teach them how to gain those benefits.

Sharing your expertise not only starts the conversation between you and your prospects — it builds trust, positions your brand as a leader in your industry, and differentiates you from the rest of your competitors. Best of all it empowers your prospects. Your willingness to share information that actually helps your target audience will make you an indispensable and trusted industry go-to and not just another brand selling just another product or service. Come time they are looking to solve their problems using a product or service like yours, guess who they’ll turn to? You.

So, how do you become the ultimate thought leader in your industry? It takes creativity and consistency. Find out who your buyer personas really are. Often times who you think are buying from may not always be the actual people making the purchase or doing the vetting or the hiring. Once you know your buyer personas, talk about what matters to them. Utilize your website and social media channels to spread your message. Make sure every content you create and share is a valuable one for them and not just another noise in the ever-noisy web.

Last but certainly not the least, be consistent. One ebook or a few blog posts here and there will not catapult you to the top. No brand has ever become a thought leader over night. Keep at it and watch your brand rise to the top.

About the author
Adhere Creative’s Director of Marketing, Matt Lee, steers the ship of Adhere’s eclectic and talented marketing individuals. Matt’s indispensable inbound marketing wisdom enables the team to create and execute campaigns for businesses in the industrial, software, and business services industries that are truly ahead of the curve. Not to mention, his taste for craft beers and good music definitely amps up team spirit.