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Seizmic doubles size of office and manufacturing capabilities

Seizmic, Inc., known for material handling, engineering and custom manufacturing for some of the largest companies in the world, announced that it has doubled its office and manufacturing space in Los Angeles, positioning it for significant growth in the material handling industry.  In its new facility, it conducts analysis of more than 160 engineered projects per month with an average of more than 50 permit acquisitions in various regions of the U.S.

Comprised of five sectors, Seizmic offers its engineering design and consultation services, as well as permitting, testing services, custom material handling fabrication and installation services. After more than 30 years of steady and consistent growth, the company is now focusing on support its founder and CEO and in growing the business.  This will allow Seizmic to continue to innovate within an industry that continually requires an increase in safety and efficiency, which is at the heart of Seizmic’s history. 

“Seizmic has always evolved based on how the industry was adjusting to increases in technology, the growth of retail sales and the need for larger and safer material handling systems,” said Sal Fateen, CEO of Seizmic.  “As I continue as the visionary at Seizmic, I am excited to see the growth and focus of the company continue to shadow the needs of the industry.  This is a very exciting time to be a part of this company.”