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Yale recognized as 2016 Top Green Provider

The 2016 Food Logistics Green Providers list saw a new record high for applicants, confirming the emphasis the industry places on environmental stewardship and boosting cost and energy efficiency. For the fourth consecutive year, Yale Materials Handling Corporation has been added to the list as a Top Green Provider, honored for its lithium-ion and hydrogen fuel cell power solutions.

Yale offers the first commercially available UL-recognized lithium-ion battery pack in the lift truck industry. The maintenance-free lithium-ion option requires no watering, contains no acid and lasts up to five times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, drastically reducing battery replacements and landfill waste. Additionally, the lithium-ion option is suitable for opportunity charging on-site and in-transit since it requires no off-gassing or cooling time, and experiences no negative memory effects.
Yale alternative power solutions also include lift trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. With only water and heat as byproducts, hydrogen fuel cells produce zero harmful emissions, and require approximately three minutes to refuel, compared to between 15 and 30 minutes to replace a lead-acid battery.

“In addition to reducing environmental impact, alternative power solutions are an increasingly attractive option to overcome key business challenges,” says Mick McCormick, Vice President of Warehouse Solutions for Yale. “Not only do the lithium-ion battery and hydrogen fuel cell solutions help fleet managers satisfy internal sustainability initiatives, evolving environmental regulations and fluctuating energy costs.”

The 2016 Top Green Providers list is an annual guide recognizing companies with products, services or exemplary leadership that enhance sustainability within the food and beverage industry.