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MHEDA’s 61st Annual Convention & Exhibitors’ Showcase
“Passion with Purpose”

April 30 – May 4, 2016
Gaylord National Resort
National Harbor, Maryland

Doing business in 2016 is not just about transactions with customers. It’s about interactions with the world around you.

MHEDA’s convention theme, “Passion with Purpose” was born by tapping into the notion that companies making a conscious effort to connect with their community will financially outperform their peers by a significant margin.

Passion is defined as a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. Passion with Purpose defines those companies that are reaching a different level of success by creating strong partnership bonds with their five stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, owners and community.  These companies have been examined in several books and are referred to as Firms of Endearment, Companies with a Soul, and Conscious Companies.

Organizations are finding that creating connections with their communities (and their other stakeholders) resonates with their workforce…especially millennials. It gives them a cause that is greater than themselves or the company they work for.  This is creating better morale, higher productivity and increased employee engagement.

To help our members create passion within their organizations, MHEDA has designed a Convention agenda of forward looking speakers who can help you inspire you team, maximize technology, engage customers and understand industry trends. Beyond the presentations, this event includes an Exhibitors’ Showcase featuring over 90 companies who have the products and services you have been looking for. Most essential of all is the crucial networking you will achieve with over 500 of your peers in just a few short days away from the office.

Make plans today to be part of this powerful industry event….we promise you will leave feeing inspired and refreshed!  Outlined below is a list of convention presentations. For more event details, read reviews from your peers about last year’s convention, and see who is already registered visit or call 847-680-3500.

Keynote Presentation

A Patriot’s Calling: Leadership, Teamwork and Sacrifice

Presented by Major Dan Rooney, USAF

From the outside, flying an F-16 jet looks like a very independent act, one pilot maneuvering one plane. But when you go into combat, fighter pilots in a squadron must form one unit that has a common mission working toward a common objective. As a pilot who served three tours of combat in Iraq, Major Dan Rooney knows the importance of working as a team when the stakes could not be higher. In his powerful presentations, Rooney highlights the importance of personal accountability, working together and ultimately having the backs of your team when you are on the line. Having dedicated his life’s mission to founding and running Folds of Honor—a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to the spouses and children of military service members disabled or killed in action—Rooney speaks with authority as someone who lives his life in service of those who have served.

Prosperity in the Age of Decline

The global economy is experiencing asynchronous business cycle pressures. Knowing who is gaining, and who is not, makes a difference in understanding future pricing and competitive pressures.  One facet seems “good-to-go” for now and that is the ability of the US consumer to drive this economy forward.  But how long can that continue in the face of mounting government fiscal pressures?  We will take a look at these issues, and others, at the MHEDA Convention.  Presented by Brian Beaulieu, ITR Economics.

Global Citizenship – A Guide to Unleashing your Potential & Contributing to Humanity

How can a kid from Brooklyn attract major sponsorships from companies like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and create an International TV show for PBS and the National Geographic Channel? Join this expedition from the slums of Haiti to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro to push your boundaries of what’s possible in business and in life. Colored with engaging audience participation and jaw-dropping footage, discover how we can unleash our potential by adopting an unwavering commitment to serve others. Presented by Chris  Bashinelli, Actor, Activist, TV Host.

The Cyber Blacklist: Top Threats & Countermeasures for Data Security

Technology evolves so quickly that people fall behind the digital curve and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of protecting the very data that underlies their wealth. This crash course forges a high-level, non-technical path through the sometimes confusing web of computer security, mobile technology, Internet connectivity, online privacy and cloud computing. When it comes to cyber security, you don’t have to do everything, just the right things. Gain an actionable list of next steps necessary to protect your data, your devices and yourself. Presented by John Sileo, President and CEO, Sileo Group, Identity Theft and Cyber Security Expert. 

Roundtable Discussions

Discuss the challenges and opportunities that matter most to you and learn how others in the industry are handling the same issues.

The Six Biggest Trends, Techniques and Tools for Finding and Motivating the Very Best. 
Learn where to go to find the best people; retention tools; technologies for managing your remote employees and more. Presented by Gene Marks, Columnist and Business Owner

How to Use Mobile, Social, and Digital Tools to Improve Your Marketing Efforts
The secret to success in B2B marketing isn't to jump on the latest platform. Instead, it's to understand the secrets of B2B consumer behavior and to apply those secrets to your existing campaigns. Presented by Jamie Turner, 60-Second Marketer

Women Mean Business
Don’t be fooled by the name, as this is not a woman only presentation.  Having a good representation of women on your team will have a positive impact on your bottom line.  Presented by Judy Hoberman, Sales Expert and Author

Industry Consolidation and Your Exit Strategy:  Opportunities & Threats
The pace of consolidation is increasing and it affects both dealers and OEMs. Review what is driving this trend and how it will play out in our industry. Presented by Michael Marks, Indian River Consulting Group

Member Panel: Community Minded Organizations
Learn what fellow members are doing to help their communities and inspire their employees. 

Maximize Your Mobile Device: The Five Things Every Material Handling Professional Should Be Able to Do from a Mobile Device
Discover tech tools you can use from your mobile device to make you more efficient and organized. Presented by Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend

Data Mining & Predictive Analytics
Gain a practical understanding of tools available for data mining and predictive analytics. Presented by Michael Marks, Indian River Consulting Group

Cyber Security
Learn actionable, non-technical steps to protect your company.
Presented by John Sileo, Identity Theft and Cyber Security Expert

From DC to Silicon Valley: 3 Hot Power Trends That Will Impact Your Company Through 2018
Review trends that will impact your business and also discuss areas of growth. Presented by Gene Marks, Columnist and Business Owner

Net Promoter Score: Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) to Measure, Manage and Improve Your Service
Learn how NPS is calculated, why better service is more important than ever, how to establish a program in your dealership and more. Presented by MHEDA Member Lynn Daniel, The Daniel Group 

Engaging Customers: Tech Tools to Be a Connection, Not a Commodity 
Discover the best tech tools to help your customers feel appreciated, communicate your company’s personality and discover insights about your clients. Presented by Beth Zielenis , Your Nerdy Best Friend

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