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Pivot safety gate now available in a rack-supported design

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc., designer and manufacturer of industrial safety products for warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, announced the popular Pivot safety gate model is now available in a rack-supported design. The rack-supported Pivot safety gate secures pallet drop areas in rack-supported pick modules for picking positions and empty pallet or tote return bays.

The rack-supported Pivot safety gate has few moving parts and includes a hydraulic damper for easy, ergonomic operation. The design attaches directly to the rack uprights in the module, which maximizes space in the bay and creates a secure connection that does not require anchoring the gate to the decking. The safety gates fit any manufacturer’s rack configuration, and come in standard single and double-wide sizes. The rack-supported Pivot gate can also be custom designed to fit any pallet load size.

“Our engineering team has created many rack-supported Pivot safety gates for customers over the past years, and given the interest in this model, we’ve now made this a standard design in our product line,” said Aaron Conway, president of Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. “With few moving parts, the pivot model is also a very economical choice for customers that use rack supported pick modules.”

The dual-gate system keeps employees working on upper levels of pick modules safe. When the ledge-side gate is up, the rear-side gate blocks employees from the ledge. When the rear-side gate is raised so employees can pick from the pallets, the ledge-side gate is closed, making a barrier and protecting employees from falling from the ledge.

In addition to the Pivot gate, the company also offers its Roly® and Tri-Side designs in rack-supported models.