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Yale new Every Two program offers flexible lease options built around evolving operational requirements

Inflexible lift truck lease agreements can threaten productivity and drain budgets as operations struggle to adapt to rapidly-changing business demands. Yale Materials Handling Corporation introduces New Every Two, a leasing program that allows operations to adjust fleet composition and upgrade to the latest technology while controlling costs. 

Yale will upgrade qualifying trucks leased through the program with new replacement units featuring the latest technology every two years. Operations can even fine-tune fleet size and configuration with different truck models and quantities according to changing demands. The New Every Two program also extends factory warranties and includes comprehensive maintenance coverage to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime. 

“Whether too long or too strict, contracts built around the supplier instead of customers threaten operational goals, ultimately inflating costs and limiting efficiency,” says Chris Murtha, Brand Marketing Manager. “The New Every Two program is a prime example of how flexible fleet financing through Yale Financial Services empowers customers to align their fleet with changing needs and coordinate leasing with cash flow.”

The three qualifying Yale® lift truck models for the New Every Two program are the OS-BF order selector, ESC-AD three-wheel stand and the NR-EB reach truck. The models offer a powerful combination of durability, performance and ergonomics for a variety of warehouse applications across multiple industries.