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Appleton Mercmaster luminaires available in higher voltage

To meet the changing demands of industry, Emerson has expanded its energy-efficient line of Appleton® Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile hazardous and ordinary location luminaries to include a 347-480 Vac model for outsized spaces such as warehouses, loading docks or production areas. Along with existing Mercmaster 120-277 Vac luminaries, the new 347-480 Vac models deliver a safe, reliable lighting solution that performs in even the worst operating conditions, while reducing the plant's energy, maintenance and labor costs up to 70 percent. 

Appleton Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile luminaires are ideal for mounting heights up to 15 feet, or where OSHA regulations limit the use of ladders resulting in lower mounting heights for fixtures. With an installed profile of only six inches and weighing just 9 lbs., the luminaries are also perfect in locations where fixture weight must be minimized. 

/>The Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile luminaries feature the same housing and mounting hoods as their HID counterpart to ensure a consistent look and feel, while saving on time and labor costs during retrofits. Four globes are available with high quality optics that can be easily customized to maximize light distribution and intensity. This superior lighting performance helps workers better identify assembly parts, isolate production issues, and prevent on-the-job injuries.
The long-life (60,000+ hours) LEDs are ideal for difficult to re-lamp areas or where re-lamping will cause production lines to be stopped during lamp maintenance. Appleton Mercmaster LEDs are mercury-free, so disposal costs are eliminated.