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February 2018
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Pallet loss will be reduced with RM2 new innovation

RM2 International, the vertically-integrated innovator in pallet development, management and supply is introducing a proprietary solution to monitor pallets as they move through the supply chain. ELIoT (Electronic Link to the Internet of Things) is a track & trace monitoring device that enhances both pallet and supply chain security and provides actionable information.

“What separates ELIoT from other track & trace technologies is that it’s knitted into the fabric of the BLOCKPal and it’s completely maintenance free,” said David Simmons, Chief Technology Officer of RM2. “ELIoT can provide a standalone service or be seamlessly integrated into a customer’s operational IT systems.”

“ELIoT is entering the market at an opportune time as demand for technological solutions in the supply chain surges,” said David Kalan, VP of Marketing and Sales for RM2. “For example, in the US Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Act of 2012, there is a future mandate for the track and trace capability from raw materials to finished goods. This mandate is for both the product and pallet, until ELIoT there was no solution to satisfy this demand. ELIoT increases our client’s visibility and provides them with accurate location information throughout the supply chain.”

“The strength, durability and reparability of the BLOCKPal translate into well over a hundred pallet trips. These characteristics combined with ELIoT, makes the RM2 BLOCKPal pallet an affordable and trackable solution comparable to both wood and plastic pallets,” said Kalan.