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SICK product named a winner of the Benchmark Innovation Award 2016

SICK, manufacturer of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification products for factory, logistics and process automation, announced that the LaserGuardian Intrusion Detection System from SICK and The HawkEye Effect has been named a 2016 winner of the Benchmark Innovation Award. 

The Benchmark Innovation Award highlights advances in security technology by recognizing innovative thinking and the delivery of benefits through advanced security solutions. A 2016 winner of the Benchmark Innovation Award, the LaserGuardian system combines laser scanning technology with security cameras and software prevent unauthorized entry to a facility or structure and minimize false alarms.

Thanks to unique GPS mapping technology, the LaserGuardian from SICK and The HawkEye Effect software provides the ability to know the exact location of an intrusion and pinpoint it on an overview of the facility or interior blueprint.  This allows building operations to quickly ascertain the location of the intrusion for a faster response time.

The system’s image stitching technology combines PTZ cameras and laser scanners to track the threat in real time, enhancing visual verification. The LaserGuardian system also eliminates false alarms due to environmental conditions.