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Reach higher, faster with the Yale® MR14-25 series

From SKU proliferation to rising urban land costs, industry forces are driving distribution centers to expand vertically. And with a push to move more products faster and with greater accuracy, operations require solutions with efficient access to higher storage levels. The new Yale® MR14-25 moving mast reach truck series features seven models and five chassis options that can be tailored to meet the demands of most indoor applications.
The heavy duty mast creates a high level of stability and enables faster put away and retrieval times with mast lifting heights of up to 502 inches, and mast speeds up to 143 feet per minute. The truck offers a maximum travel speed of 8.7 mph, allowing operators to decrease travel times. For cold storage applications, the truck is available with a fully insulated cabin.
“As supply chains adjust to serve the ever increasing customer base concentrated in urban centers, distribution centers must adjust to deliver speed and efficiency in tighter confines,” says Mick McCormick, Vice President of Warehouse Solutions. “This requires equipment built to deliver high performance in such applications. The innovative features of the Yale MR14-25 series are designed to do just that."
Integrated dual CANbus technology identifies operator error and malfunctions, helping diagnose problems for a faster resolution, decreasing unplanned downtime. The industry’s first “Get Home” action can be activated even after all functions come to rest, allowing the operator to drive the truck to an appropriate place for repair. The moving mast reach truck series is designed for simple serviceability, with longer service intervals to decrease planned downtime, and is backed by an industry-leading warranty. 
A premium touch-screen display offers PIN access, height preselect, fleet management information, weight indication, lift interrupt override and creep speed selection to keep operators informed and functions optimized for the job at hand. Optional push button 360-degree steering is also integrated into the display, offering enhanced control in tight spaces.