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SAS introduces new app for robotic tooling management

Continuing its ongoing efforts to help customers realize more efficient operations, Xenia, Ohio-based SAS Automation is introducing an app that makes the management of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) inventory easier and more convenient.

The mySAS app is an EOAT 4.0 gateway to Industry 4.0. The mySAS app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows SAS customers to find, buy and manage EOAT component inventory from any smartphone or mobile device. The foundation of a larger family of online services that make doing business with SAS easier, the mySAS app works in tandem with the SAS inventory management program by including the myToolBox™ feature, custom cabinet or storage bin labels and a barcode scanner for quick component access.

“The mySAS app is a natural extension of our focus on helping clients achieve maximum efficiency,” said SAS President and Owner Trent Fisher. “With this new tool at their disposal, inventory management, purchasing and EOAT component searches can be done anywhere and at any time operations face the need.”

The mySAS app is designed at its core to make inventory management more convenient than ever before by being an all-in-one tool. The app includes the myToolBox™ feature to help manage SAS component inventory and stocking levels, and even recommends reorder quantities based off of order history and usage. Purchasing EOAT components is easy thanks to an integrated barcode scanner that facilitates quick reading of SAS EOAT component labels for cabinets and other storage bin systems.

Purchasing EOAT components from the mySAS app is a simple process. App users can search for inventory, browse the online catalog or scan barcode labels to find the components they need. The item(s) can then be added to a shopping cart for either immediate or later purchase. When purchases are ready to be made, the app includes a feature to facilitate purchase order requests that can be sent directly to managers or finance departments by entering an email address or choosing from the phone’s list of contacts.

“We believe so strongly in this new solution for our customers that we’re making app training available from SAS sales team members,” said Fisher. “Beyond immediately making EOAT inventory management decidedly easier, we are already working on updates to the app that will make overall line operations more efficient too.”

The next updates to mySAS will include myToolBuilder™, a feature that incorporates AutoDesk/Fusion360 with the SAS online catalog, as well as other third-party 3D design software. Additionally, mySAS will also include the myEOAT™ feature, which will provide realtime data and feedback from tools and robots to operators via the app.

Customers of SAS can download the app today for free from the App Store or Google Play.