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SKU-Keeper device manages inventory and accelerates order picking

Imagine a hardware device that keeps track of inventory and simplifies order fulfillment at a cost that is affordable for almost any small business. That vision is now a reality, with the new SKU-Keeper inventory management system from Voodoo Robotics. Easy enough to install yourself and start using the same day, the SKU-Keeper will forever change warehouse fulfillment and inventory management. The new SKU-Keeper devices can be leased at very affordable monthly rates with no long-term commitments. The cloud-based inventory management tool gives users access via web browser and/or Android mobile application. 

Trevor Blumenau, chief executive officer, invented SKU-Keeper to revolutionize order fulfillment and inventory management as an alternative to the complex and very expensive pick-to-light systems available today.

“When it comes to simple inventory management you can’t beat the SKU-Keeper: The low-cost devices light up to help pickers find their targets,” said Blumenau. “Using an Android tablet or smart phone, pickers are guided efficiently through the warehouse to fulfill their orders.”

Traditional pick-to-light systems are massive, long-term investments, including complicated installs and mandatory maintenance that only very large companies can afford. SKU-Keeper levels the playing field, offering companies with smaller budgets the ability to have fast, efficient picking in their fulfillment centers.

SKU-Keeper takes the big dollars off the table for those searching for an easy-to-use system that speeds up order fulfillment while adding important organization and inventory management features that most warehouses struggle with today. Leased hardware removes the risk of the investment. “There’s no complex installation or upkeep to keep the system running,” Blumenau added.

“Our goal was to create an affordable, hassle-free way for companies of any size to have a system that saves them time but doesn’t cost a fortune,” Blumenau said.


SKU-Keeper tags are awaiting FCC certification and will be available in the next few weeks.