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November 2017
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Hannibal Industries QVC TubeRack installation featured on TV news

Hannibal Industries is proud to be part of QVC’s giant expansion in Ontario, California which will handle up to 20 percent of the company’s distribution, covering the entire western region of the United States. This warehouse will employ up to 1,000 people and is a leading-edge facility built with the industry’s leading racking system by Hannibal Industries.

Since its initial release in 2012, TubeRack has successfully been installed globally, endured its first-ever impact test, formed strategic partnerships to develop a new racking product and has expanded into new industries. 

TubeRack’s modular design is engineered to be more impact resistant, to reduce product shedding in the case of an impact or seismic event, offers better tolerances, and more efficient shipping. The system’s dual-moment frame allows flexibility both front-to-back and side-to-side giving it the ability to withstand impacts and seismic activity. 

This new facility is expected to fill the racks starting this week and become a fully functioning distribution center before the holiday shopping season begins.  The company has never had a West Coast distribution center, with the last one opening in South Carolina in 2007.