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EnerSys® expands its modular charger product offering

EnerSys®, provider of stored energy solutions for industrial applications, recently expanded its EnForcer®IMPAQ™ and IMPAQ™+ modular charger product offering, providing increased charging capacity with its 8 bay model, as well as the ability to harness the power of two chargers in one cabinet with its 8 bay dual-port model.

The new EnForcer® IMPAQ™ and IMPAQ™+ three-phase 8 bay modular chargers and three-phase 8 bay dual-port modular chargers measure 15.95’’ W x 14.80’’ D x 37.80’’ H, and offer an output DC voltage of 24/36/48 and 72/80. The new 8 bay and 8 bay dual-port modular chargers weigh 197 lbs. and 203 lbs. respectively.

EnForcer® IMPAQ™ high-frequency modular chargers offer intelligent charging with advanced efficiency and the flexibility to maintain peak efficiency at all times. Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, EnForcer® IMPAQ™ modular chargers are the most compact EnerSys chargers to date, and represent the best-in-class high frequency charging solutions for all applications in the field of material handling equipment, automated guided vehicle systems, cleaning machines and industrial electric vehicles.

Charger modules are automatically switched on and off based on the charge cycle requirements, and should a module develop a minor fault, the charger bypasses the module for continued operation and continuation of the charging process without interruption.

Due to the flexible design, EnForcer® IMPAQ™ chargers include a number of charging profiles, from standard flooded and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) to cold storage and opportunity charging. Plus, the modular construction adapts to a wide range of battery capacities, allowing potential reduction of the number of chargers in a fleet. Modules can be added if battery capacity changes, and the three-phase model can charge at multiple voltages.

EnForcer® IMPAQ™+ modular chargers utilize the exclusive EnerSys IONIC™ charge profile to continually diagnose battery condition throughout the charging process for the most effective and efficient charge possible.

“With the addition of the 8 bay and 8 bay dual-port models, we are now able to offer a complete line of EnForcer®IMPAQ™ chargers optimized for an extensive range of applications,” said Steve Spaar, marketing director Americas for EnerSys. “EnForcer® IMPAQ™ chargers set the standard in high-frequency charging solutions. Their flexible, modular construction allows for adapting the chargers to a wide range of battery capacities, meeting today’s manufacturing and supply chain management operations. Additionally, the complete product line provides energy savings and complies with the latest global standards including the California Energy Commission (CEC) appliance efficiency standards.”

EnerSys is the only industrial battery manufacturer in North America to manufacture its own line of chargers to ensure battery and charger systems are designed for maximum performance and reliability.