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Purkeys: Proper multimeter pre-checks

Purkeys, a company focused on providing electrical solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry, wants heavy-duty vehicle technicians to know how to properly use a multimeter because using one improperly can cause a fleet to waste time and money.

“Doing the right pre-checks is important, because all service manuals and technical bulletins are based off of two presumptions,” said Purkeys National Truck & Fleet Sales Representative, Larry Rambeaux. “Number one is that a technician knows how to use a multimeter and number two is that the multimeter is in proper working order.”

Multimeters combine multiple electrical measurement functions in one portable unit. Technicians can use this tool for a variety of applications, including voltage drop, continuity checks, diode checks, capacity checks, and more.

Before using a multimeter, technicians need to run several pre-checks to ensure that they have it calibrated correctly. This includes checking the leads and making sure the amp fuses are good. In this video, Larry Rambeaux demonstrates how to properly pre-check a multimeter.

When a multimeter is not calibrated correctly or has bad leads, or even if it is not on the right setting, technicians can waste a lot of time or misdiagnose important issues. This is why ensuring the proper use of a multimeter with the right pre-checks can help a fleet save time and money.

Purkeys has developed multiple training programs to help technicians better understand the proper use of a multimeter.