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CALLAHEAD fast forwards the portable toilet industry

Charles W. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD, is no stranger to designing innovative equipment for his company. Throughout Mr. Howard's four decades in the portable toilet industry, he has continuously introduced groundbreaking equipment. These countless advances have catapulted CALLAHEAD as the industry leaders with the most one-of-a-kind equipment they create and manufacture from scratch for their New York customers.   


CALLAHEAD'S newest addition to their extensive list of products is one for the record books.    Mr. Howard's state-of-the-art portable restroom called The Headrest is unlike anything ever created in the portable toilet industry. Between The Headrest's operating system, and the interior and structural design, users will not believe The Headrest is a portable toilet. Designed just like an interior of a home bathroom with all the same user operation and design features, The Headrest is a completely portable and self-contained unit. The exterior design is also remarkable. Architecturally constructed utilizing heavy duty marine grade materials to deliver durability and strength to any construction site, The Headrest is one you have to see for yourself. Thanks to CALLAHEAD they have created a full video tour of this revolutionary restroom onYouTube or their CALLAHEAD website presented by Mr. Howard's wife, Kimberly Howard, so you can see firsthand the brilliance of The Headrest's design.  

When you step inside the Headrest, there are too many details to mention, but, more remarkably, you will forget you entered a portable toilet. Once you lock the commercial self-closing door, you will feel the comfort and privacy you experience in a home restroom. The inside is beautifully designed with faux granite walls and wood base moldings, chair rail moldings, crown moldings and corner moldings. The detail continues to the white finished wood wainscot ceiling with high-hat lighting. The Armstrong faux mosaic marble flooring is not only durable but looks amazing too. 

The Headrest is equipped with a hands-free flushing porcelain toilet bowl and a dual covered toilet paper dispenser. A full vanity sink with a statuary marble counter top, porcelain sink basin, and Moen auto faucet deliver hot and cold water. The built-in soap and hand towel dispensers have been installed for your hygienic protection. There is even a vanity mirror above the sink area and storage in the wood vanity cabinet below the sink for any necessary extra supplies. 

This incredible portable restroom will operate in the coldest New York winter months since it is so well insulated. A stainless steel fan forced built-in wall heater was also installed and has a thermostat control for user comfort. With its own built in fresh water supply, CALLAHEAD created The Headrest to have two entirely separate water supply systems to operate the sink and toilet bowl from two different water supplies. Another first by CALLAHEAD for a clean restroom experience.

The Headrest is unlike anything the portable toilet industry has ever seen before. Thanks to Charles W. Howard, and the CALLAHEAD team, they have propelled the portable toilet industry into the future. So, their New York customers experience the best restroom experience anywhere and anytime.