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New! Akro-Mils Akro-Tilt trucks nest for shipping

Akro-Mils, a North American provider of storage, organization and transport products, announces its Akro-Tilt trucks now nest fully assembled for shipping — saving on freight costs and warehouse space. While other competitive products can require end users to assemble axles and wheels, new nestable Akro-Tilt trucks are ready to use upon arrival — saving time and effort for reduced maintenance staffs.

As many as four of these trucks can stack on a single pallet, saving up to 75 percent in freight savings. Industry-leading Akro-Tilt trucks are versatile tipping trucks for heavy-duty work. These trucks make it easy for one person to handle bulk, heavyweight jobs up to 2,000 lbs. Units utilize full frames with steel under the top rim, vs. half frames offered by competitors. Its wide mouth and low profile are designed for easy loading. The onepiece molded body is easy to clean, and won’t rust, dent or chip. Its fully welded and reinforced, powder-coated 13-gauge frame is optimized for automatic dumper applications, and is corrosion-resistant. Akro-Tilt trucks now come in 14 models — including seven with forklift channels, which allow loaded trucks to be lifted, moved and maneuvered more easily.