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APEM expands its newest range of anodized LED indicators with a new 14mm size

The Q14 series 14mm LED indicators, now include flush mounted anodized bezels in red, green, yellow and blue. These new Q14 options further enhance the series' broad offering of customization with a large selection of LED colors, bezel finishes and types of illumination.

APEM's Q series indicators come in a large variety of sizes, colors and styles. Designed to meet design needs with aesthetics, quality and price, the Q series range offers the right indicator for any project, application or market requirement.

Distinctive features

  • High grade anodized aluminum flush bezel
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Customized engraving available or select from a wide range of existing symbols
  • All voltage ranges
  • Fixed light or flashing light (only up to 28VDC)
  • Front panel sealed to IP67 and salt tested
  • All types of connection including 200mm, 22AWG (UL1007) wires