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AMETEK Prestolite Power provides cutting-edge charging solutions for omni-channel frontrunners

AMETEK Prestolite Power, supplier of industrial battery chargers and fleet management solutions, has strategically positioned itself to stay ahead of the impact new technologies are imposing on omni-channel warehouse operations by continuing to advance its battery management system technology. 

The company has worked with its omni-channel customers, including industry frontrunners such as Amazon, The Limited, U Line, Grainger and Staples, to develop technology that satisfies the demanding, nonstop nature of their warehouses.  

One such recent advancement is Prestolite Power’s Auto Range Curve software option that helps prevent the over-charging of batteries, which can ultimately lead to a shorter battery lifespan. Auto Range Curve continually tracks battery conditions and makes sure the charger terminates on target. The Auto Range Curve can accept a minimum and a maximum amp hour capacity per cell size as needed by an application, relieving fleet managers from the task of anticipating what size battery gets matched with which charger in all applications.

According to the 2015 Merchandise Planning Survey conducted by Massachusetts-based Boston Retail Partners (BRP), 58 percent of respondents said that improving their data analytics capabilities is necessary in order to keep up with the exceptionally fast-paced omni-channel environment. 

“As the supply chain continues to experience considerable expansion globally, the increasing demand for products has led to greater pressure on warehouses to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible,” comments Jim Lichtenberg, Business Manager for AMETEK Prestolite Power. “AMETEK Prestolite Power sees data management software playing a key role at omni-channel warehouses globally in providing as much relevant information as possible to fleet managers in order to maximize productivity.”