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October 2017
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Introducing Sovella's Moduline

Designing and assembling a manual material flow solution can be easy. A pioneer in ergonomic workplace designs, Treston, has launched a completely new concept: standardized material flow solution Treston ModuLine. The modular construction caters to varying needs, no matter what the function or layout needed.

Five pre-engineered aluminum modules provide multiple layout options. All major production lines can be realized: I-Line, L-Line, U-Line. Carefully pre-chosen parts, sizes and heights. Modules fit seamlessly together – safe choice. Quick to assemble, within a day. Easy to modify or extend the line to adapt to changing needs. Well thought-out modules remove the need for a lengthy engineering process; ordering can be done online; transportation and storage is optimized in euro palettes; installation is fast with pre-assembled modules. You can get a working solution up & running in only 48 hours from the go-ahead. It’s also simple and easy to modify or extend the line to adapt to changing needs.

If you are seeking to optimize your production line without automation, have a large product range but short cycles, or if you have outsourced engineering or maintenance, this is your safe and cost-efficient solution to improve both the production line and the bottom line. The module combinations fit most of the needs. A small proportion of companies are organized according to the Lean Production philosophy, though many aspire this. ModuLine makes shift to a more organized material handling possible, and users can enjoy: minimum stocks, and minimum throughput time of products.